Cracked Conch and Lighthouse Point are the SAME

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Cracked Conch and Lighthouse Point are the SAME

Postby PAdentist33 » Mon Sep 05, 2011 11:01 pm

There seems to be a lot of discussion here about how bad the reef is damaged at the Cracked Conch from the dolphin park runoff, and how great the diving is at Lighthouse Point. I was diving in Grand Cayman less than a month ago and went diving at both places, from shore, and the reef is almost exactly the same. There is obvious reef destruction at both sites and it's a very long swim to the main drop off. All four of us are experienced divers with over 100 dives between us and we were not able to reach the main drop off at either site with enough air to descend. The Caymans are a boat diving destination.
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Postby TNdiver41 » Tue Sep 06, 2011 8:41 am

I tend to agree, it is all the same reef with the entry points all of a few hundred yards apart. Whatever part of Lighthouse area that may be in slightly better shape now will be exactly the same as the Cracked Conch area in a month or so anyway. The Eden Rock area of Grand Cayman is a calm and interesting shore diving spot, but the north wall and places like Babalon are boat dives, unless people's idea of a dive vacation is taking their lives in their hands with marathon swims through rough seas and strong currents.
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Postby GarynGary » Wed Dec 14, 2011 10:51 am

The shore diving at the Turtle Divers condo is the closest to the mini walls, and in the best condition. Cracked Conch and Lighthouse Point are exactly the same reef, less than a mile apart.
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Another diver dies trying to dive Cayman north wall from sho

Postby TNdiver41 » Sat Mar 24, 2012 1:40 pm

Another diver, a local female this time, died following an attempt to shore dive the north wall, from either Turtle Reef or Cracked Conch.

Either way, I maintain that shore diving the north wall from Grand Cayman is NOT SAFE, from any location. It is way too far of a swim for average recreational divers, only pushed hard by Divetek to make more money.

Times are hard everywhere now but don't go killing people over a few lousy bucks for a tank fill and gear rental. Tell them the truth: The north walll on Grand Cayman is not a recreational shore dive, not by a long shot.
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Cracked Conch kills another diver, worked at Ritz

Postby shomeck » Mon Mar 26, 2012 12:56 pm

The dive operator, Sun Divers is the dive company at the Cracked Conch.


A woman who was critically injured while on a dive off the north western shore of Grand Cayman was pronounced dead Friday night after spending about a day in a coma, the Caymanian Compass has learned.

Pamela Langevin, 50, had gotten into difficulty Thursday in the waters off North West Point Road in West Bay while on a dive with a friend in the Turtle Reef area.

According to police, she managed to swim part of the way to shore with her dive partner around 12.30pm Thursday. She was having difficulty breathing and eventually fell unconscious, police said.

Staff from Sun Divers responded and assisted with CPR and oxygen before paramedics arrived. It was understood the woman and her dive partner had been on a shore dive.

Individuals at the rescue site, who did not wish to be named told the Caymanian Compass, said that Mrs. Langevin had to be carried from the water by two men. She was placed on a sand patch along the ironshore outside Macabuca bar – where the Sun Divers shop is located along North West Point Road.

A visiting doctor, who happened to be lunching at the nearby Cracked Conch restaurant, assisted with efforts to revive the distressed diver.

When paramedics arrived, Mrs. Langevin was taken to hospital where she later slipped into a coma.

She was identified by friends as the wife of Cayman Islands hotel executive Marc Langevin, who moved to Cayman last year to take over the general manager’s post at the Ritz-Carlton, 
Grand Cayman.

The incident is under investigation by Royal Cayman Islands Police Marine Unit officers.

Although the Ritz-Carlton declined Caymanian Compass requests for comment about the diving incident, Mr. Langevin did send out a message to friends and co-workers via e-mail Saturday informing them of his wife’s passing.

The hotel manager discussed what a major role Mrs. Langevin played in his success and life during an interview with the trade publication Hotel and Motel Management in September 2011, shortly after taking the Ritz job in Cayman.
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Best Dolphin Park?

Postby M-Bates-1960 » Tue Apr 03, 2012 8:48 pm

Any recommendations on which Dolphin Park to take my kids (late teens/early 20s)- They've been begging me for months, but I waited until we got here and need to book it last minute + see if we could find a discount coupon locally in the Activity Guide? This is our first visit to the Caymens so would appreciate any help. We are here now and leave on Sunday. Thank you.
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