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Postby Lambdacala » Mon Jul 18, 2011 4:05 pm

I just returned from a Cayman Islands diving vacation and I dove with a group of friends at both of the Turtle Reefs, or probably all the same reef. There were turtles at both sites. But the part of the reef near the Cracked Conch has seriously deteriorated since my last dive there last year. The area of the reef a little farther down by Lighthouse Point was in pristine condition, almost like we were the first people to dive there. There can be little doubt that the runoff from the dolphin parks onto the reef by the Cracked Conch has caused serious destruction, at the rate I have seen I would expect that part of the reef by the Cracked Conch to be completely destroyed in less than a year. How could the Cayman Islands government allow something this obviously detrimental to their fragile marine eco system happen? Did they bother to conduct any environmental impact studies at all? There is evidence in many other countries of the utter devastation these dolphinariums create. It's madness if you ask me!
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Postby turnbary » Tue Jul 19, 2011 12:14 am

I dove the reef at the Cracked Conch last week and it is not completely destroyed. There is obvious destruction from the nearby effluent but I estimate less than 50% of it is destroyed. There are still fish swimming around and some living corals. Obviously the reefs at Lighthouse Point are in better condition because they do not have raw sewage being dumped on their reefs but the reef at the Cracked Conch still has some life left to it and worth diving. I would wear a wetsuit though and take a shower after with soap and scrub well. The sewage water is filled with bacteria that can cause serious health issues.
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Postby Meert » Thu Jul 28, 2011 2:11 am

What the $&^# happened to the reef by the Cracked Conch? We were diving there last year and it was full of corals, fish, eels, turtles, full of life. We were diving in the Caymans last week and the reef at the Cracked Conch is almost completely destroyed. WTF happened to it?
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Postby cooperT » Thu Aug 04, 2011 7:00 pm

I just came back from a dive vacation in Grand Cayman, the diving was incredible. The only dive site that was not full of life was the reef by the Cracked Conch. Fortunately the reef at Lighthouse Point is in fantastic shape. They are only about a mile apart so the destruction at the Cracked Conch must have something to do with the effluent coming from the turtle farm across the street. Sad, that was such an incredible shore dive.
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Postby popuasru » Sat Oct 22, 2011 4:36 pm

I recently went diving in Grand Cayman at both of these reefs, the one by the Cracked Conch and the one at Lighthouse Point, and they are exactly the same reef, look exactly the same, in exactly the same shape. I don't know who is feeding in all this bs about the Cracked Conch reef destroyed and the Lighthouse Point reef so great but that is complete rubbish. IT IS THE SAME REEF
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Divetek the worst

Postby agretan » Thu Nov 17, 2011 5:29 pm

My friends and I booked a three day package with Divetek and it was the worse dive experience we ever had. The boat dives were a joke, packed like cattle and the staff focusing on training instead of showing us any good sites. Half the sites they took us to we could have snorkeled. They promised free shore diving but the water is so rough only an expert swimmer or diver could ever get out to their walls from shore. The whole thing was a total rip off.

We managed to enjoy at least 2 days by using Living the Dream for the best boat dives we've ever had, and Turtle Divers for shore diving in much better conditions where you don't have to swim a mile to get to the reefs!

Anyone going diving in the Cayman Islands will do better with ANY dive outfit other than divetek.
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Postby lumbstein » Thu Nov 17, 2011 9:12 pm

It's actually Dive TECH, and we suffered a similar experience with them. There are a few cattle car dive operations in the Cayman Islands, Dive Tech, Red Sail, Don Fosters. Try Cayman Turtle Divers if you like unlimited shore diving. They only take 6 divers on the boat and include free shore diving at Turtle Reef.
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Coming to Grand Cayman for the first time

Postby Bajadivers » Wed Sep 26, 2012 3:39 am

Always nice to see what others are talking about, regarding new dive locations.
History: PADI OWSI and wife (dive buddy) is PADI DM. (20 years) Have traveled through out the Carib, Mexico, Califorinia and the South Pacific.
Have always wanted to enjoy the waters of the Cayman Islands and this year we are spending 10 days, later November, with Cobalt Coast Resort
and Dive Tech. Read what was commented on about the shore diving and how a very unfortunate fatality occured on a local shore dive.
My thoughts are, that it is up to the individual diver to decide their own limitations, not the dive shop. One does take personal responsibilty
when we strap on our BCD and enjoy the oceans wonders. We decided on joining Cobalt Coast and Dive Tech because they treat divers, through
my research, as certified to their experiance.
Diving Black Diamond off of the island of Saba is NOT an easy dive, and the divemasters on on or live aboard filled us in on the risks, but just looking
at the dive from the surface, a few declined due to lack of experinace. That is what you should have been trained to do. Do not exceed ones limitations
and experiance.
My wife have lead trips to distant shores, but this year it is just us. Any comments that you may have are very welcome.
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Re: Divetech

Postby agretan » Wed Sep 26, 2012 9:45 pm

I'll chime in on this one just to say that you would probably be better off with any other dive company than Diveteck. If you read the main website (like I wish I did before booking with Divetek), you'll see that they advise going to Little Cayman for the best all inclusive diving. I've only been to Grand Cayman, but there are only all inclusive dive shops in Little Cayman, all with solid reviews and diving that looks far superior to anything we saw at Cobalt Coast (see my post above).

Not sure what OWSI is, but if it's like advanced, and your wife is a divemaster (DM?), then you'll probably be able to make the long swim through pretty big seas to make it out to the north wall. My friends and I are all strong swimmers and had quite a few dives, but none of us made it out to the wall. It's a good 100 yards or more from shore (NOT the 20 yards or so they advertise at Divetek), that's just to a MINI WALL, they tell you after.

They pack 20 or more people on their boats, and while we were there they were doing mostly training, instead of leading us on good dives for our ability. If you're going to do training and like large groups, then maybe you'll like it.

The other thing was their location, in a maze of residential and miles from anywhere, really hard to find. So we did not rent a car, never got to try any of the really good restaurants the 3 days we were there, and the food they serve is not very good.

I don't know about any dive fatalities there but I can see how it could have happened. They try to sell the north wall of Grand Cayman as a SHORE dive, when if you ask the other dive operators there, it's way to far!

Your experience may be different, depending on your level of diving, and what kind of training you are doing. For most recreational divers like us, there are better places on Grand Cayman if you don't want to try Little Cayman.

Ocean Frontiers has all inclusive dive packages, in the east end, more remote than the north wall.

Sunset House has all inclusive, with very easy shore diving. Not to the walls, but easy, fun and lots of things to see.

Turtle Divers has shore diving in the same general area, but not to the north wall. It's a more remote section of that area with unbelievably healthy corals, fish, critters, turtles. Really excellent diving right from shore, without the long swims!

For boat diving we used Living the Dream divers and loved them. Their boat was much larger than the Divetek, and they only took up to 8 divers. It was one of the most personalized dive companies we've been with, anywhere. AND their prices were lower than the boat dives at Divetek.

Hope this helps!
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Re: Divetech

Postby dougnc » Fri Sep 28, 2012 11:16 am

It's going to be our first time diving in the Caymans and this website has been a big help. We too were considering an all inclusive dive shop in Grand Cayman, narrowed down to Divetech or Sunset House. With all things considered, here and the website and others, we're going to rent a condo instead and do our dives ala cart. I do agree that there are a lot of advantages to not being tied to diving the same reef every day, eating the same food every day... We might try Little Cayman next year and do an all inclusive. For Grand Cayman it seems there are so many things to do I don't want to be stuck at any one place. We're going to rent a car and dive everywhere we can, wherever the best diving is. Like they say, the weather changes so if you're tied down to diving at one all inclusive resort and the weather is not cooperative at the time...

Yes, ala carte diving in Grand Cayman, all inclusive diving in Little Cayman. That's my take on it.
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