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Divetech gives Grand Cayman a bad rep for Shore dives

Postby Don2dusk » Fri Apr 13, 2012 9:52 am

I've been to Grand Cayman twice on dive trips and found some of the best shore diving anywhere at places like Eden Rock, Turtle Reef, Sunset House, and many others. I never tried swimming out all the way to the north wall, or any other wall diving from shore. The walls in Grand Cayman are hundreds of yards from shore and definitely not shore dives, except for maybe expert divers.

It's pretty transparent that Divetech will make even the most challenging marathon swim dives through high seas and strong currents sound easy, just so they can get more people to their dive shop, sell air, that's what they do.

Places like Divetech peddling dangerous 100 yard+ shore dives are the ones giving Grand Cayman a bad name for shore diving.
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RE Divetech gives Grand Cayman a bad rep for Shore dives

Postby TexasPete » Thu Apr 26, 2012 3:26 pm

I've been diving in the Cayman Islands 4 times and used a different dive operator each time, doing at least 1 - 2 shore dives every time, so I've got a pretty good feel for the dive operators and shore diving.

While the Cayman Islands may not be a WALL SHORE DIVE destination, they do have some of the best reef and cavern shore diving anywhere. It is places like Divetech trying to sell air to anyone with a c-card to get them out into dangerous waters. Divetech DOES give the Cayman Islands a bad name for shore diving, I've had more than a few friends get into trouble trying to swim all the way out to the north wall. I never tried Divetech for boat dives, they look like the other cattle boats like Red Sail and Don Fosters. I use the smaller operators, and have had excelent experiences with...

- Cayman Diving School
- Cayman Turtle Divers (NEW)
- Sunset House

They ALL offer shore diving to beautiful reefs. Eden Rock is another great shore diving spot.

Eden Rock and Cayman Diving Shcool have the most highly trained instructors, instructor trainers, and decades of experience diving in Grand Cayman. I asked BOTH of them, on different occassions, about diving Grand Cayman's north wall from shore and they BOTH said that would be a very advanced dive from shore and even then only under ideal weather conditions.

So Grand Cayman IS a shore diving destination, just not the north wall or any other dives with long swims through rough waters and strong currents. DOH!
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Cayman not a shore dive destination

Postby Stevens3tx » Wed May 16, 2012 12:36 pm

My friends and I just got back from an incredible week of diving in the Cayman Islands and did some of the best shore dives we've ever done. Our ultimate favorite was Babylon. It's a pretty long swim but the weather was kind while we were there, not many waves, no current. Smith Cove, near Georgetown, was an excellent shore dive. It's about 50 yards to the best part of the reefs, then about 40-60 feet. The wall was farther, but too deep for us anyway after doing wall dives in the morning. There were several good spots around the Eden Rock shop, the reefs were not quite as good of shape as the others but lots of things to see.

I do believe that it's too far for most recreational divers to shore dive the north wall, or any other wall in Grand Cayman (they are all 100 yards or more away from shore), but for easy shallower 40-50 foot reefs it can't be beat.

Wall diving in Grand Cayman is better done by boat. There are dozens of great dive companies in Grand Cayman, since that's one of their major attractions. We've been using Neptunes for the last 3 years and love them. There's a new company there now called Living the Dream that gets a lot of great reviews, not just here but other sites we trust like the Activity Guide, so we will probably give them a try the next trip.

I've never been to Cayman Brac, but in Little Cayman there is really no shore diving to speak of. It's all inclusive there, so most packages include 2-3 boat dives a day anyway so shore diving is not really important to us after doing 3 boat dives. We use Little Cayman Beach Resort, always had amazing dives, just getting there is the problem. There are not enough flights, connections, or something is just not coordinated very well because the last time we wanted to go to Little Cayman we would have had to overnight in Grand Cayman going, then another long layover on the return, so netting only a few days of diving all total, including the loss of a day to wait 24 hours after diving to fly.

Saying the Cayman Islands are not a shore diving destination is like saying France is not a dining destination. :D It's just a matter of picking dive sites that match your level of experience.
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Cayman not a shore dive destination

Postby SandySunner » Wed Jun 13, 2012 7:06 am

We just got back from an incredible week of diving in the Cayman Islands, and there are dozens of great shore dives on Grand Cayman. We never tried swimming all the way out to the wall from shore, did all that by boat. The best shore diving we found was near Sunset House, around the Eden Rock area, and even right in front of our condo at Treasure Island.

We tried a new dive company, Living the Dream, for the first time. They are without a doubt the most service oriented dive company we've ever used. Their boat is very well equipped for diving, lots of space, fresh water, huge boat. They only take 10 divers so the boat was never close to crowded. You can find more info about them at
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Re: Cayman not a shore dive destination

Postby drakeson » Sat Aug 11, 2012 10:25 pm

I found the shore diving in Grand Cayman to be fantastic! The walls are all a good 100 yards or more from shore, but the shallower dives, 40-60 feet or so that we did were all easy, fun and lots to see.
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Postby 2BUBBLES » Wed Mar 06, 2013 9:52 am

We did a lot of great dives from shore in Grand Cayman. Some of our favorites were Sunset House, Eden Rock, Smith Cove, Turtle Reef, and the Gamma ship wreck. The Gamma was not completely underwater, but we saw a lot of cool fish and critters everywhere, and inside there were huge schools of silver side fish. The only place we didn't like was at Cobalt Coast, the wall is way to far away, and the water is really choppy. Everywhere else, some of the best shore dives we've done anywhere.
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Re: Cayman Shore Diving

Postby Cayman Diver » Sun Apr 07, 2013 3:39 am

Scuba Diving is like mountain climbing in reverse, a dangerous sport that has risks and dangers, divers should know their limits and dive accordingly, its down to the certified diver to identify those limits.

Divers come to Cayman with 20 years experience and a total of 20 dives under their belts. If you dive regularly, you will know what you can safely achieve.
The main wall at all the shore dining location is a 100 yard plus swim, but it does give you a great wall dive and a shallowing out dive as you return to shore, an idea safe profile. I know its disappointing to call a dive off, but its only a short drive to a more shelter location on a different side of the island.

There's no point in pointing fingers and bashing an operator, if a particular dive is not to your liking, move on to the next Dive location/operator.

Tragedies do happen and they affect everyone involved, every diving accident is one two many, but divers are responsible for their own safety, trying to make a point against a company is a real cheap shot!

Like i said just my opinion.
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Re: Cayman Shore Diving

Postby livetodive » Thu May 30, 2013 6:22 pm

Along the west coast of Grand Cayman, south of George Town there are several shore sites that can be accessed easily from shore and where sea conditions are usually very good. Starting with Eden Rock, followed by Casuarina Point Reef (by Don Foster's Dive Cayman) and Sunset House. All these sites have base support from the very dive shops located there. From these dive shops, near by reefs can also be accessed. As an example from Don Foster's Dive you can dive Sea View Reef and Devils Grotto. From Sunset you can dive south toward Coconut Harbour Reef (Waldo's Reef) or north toward the Sea View reef. Althoug coral is not what it once was, there are tons of sponges of all kinds, many healthy corals and fish life is thriving.
I dive Casuarina Point Reef very often and I am always surprised by the creatures we found even after more than twenty years of diving these waters.
Some other sites like Smith Cove, are also great and require a bit more prepardness as there is no dive shop on site.
With regards to incidents or accidents, dive operators in the Cayman Islands go to great lenghts to assure safety of the participants. Thousands of dives take place every year without issues. Any accident is a tragedy and can not be softened by statistics. However a consideration is that a minimum level of skill is expected from a certified diver. One of those skills is to be able to evaluate if the dive site and conditions are suitable and compatible with the level of the divers involved. In many instances divers expect their lack of skill will be compensated by the dive shop rendering the services.
Ultimately the responsibilty must lie with the participant. Exercising your right to your own decisions plays a critical role in activities like diving.
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