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Re: JJ Divers - WORST New Cayman Dive Company 2012

Postby waterman » Fri Aug 03, 2012 8:42 am

I completely agree, making up fake reviews to trick people into diving with you isn't the way to go about launching a new dive company in the Cayman Islands where there are so many top notch operations.

I'll never have anything to do with JJ Divers, or any other dive company faking their own reviews.

We'll be diving with Divetech.
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Re: JJ Divers - WORST New Cayman Dive Company 2012

Postby Dan2co » Fri Aug 03, 2012 2:50 pm

By the looks of things JJ Divers is pretty desperate to jump start their business. I can understand wanting to get things going as quickly as possible, I can only imagine all the competition with diving in the Cayman Islands. But writing your own reviews to mislead people is not the right way of going about it. I'll have nothing to do with them, and my friends and me are always on the lookout for a new dive company to try when we're in the Cayman Islands.

I mostly wanted to express my appreciation for the honesty and candor of the reviews on this website, not just in the forums but the main site as well. Ever since Scuba Board got sued for millions you can't say anything bad about anyone there, most of the rest of the review sites are pretty much the same. I've never seen anyone called out and busted like this before, but LOVING IT!

Keep up the great work and FREEDOM OF SPEECH!
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Re: JJ Divers

Postby drakeson » Sat Aug 11, 2012 10:23 pm

From what we just learned on our recent dive trip to Grand Cayman, this JJ Divers guy is bad news. I have little doubt that their reviews here and probably the other sites as well were concocted up by them.
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Re: JJ Divers

Postby JacobJ » Wed Aug 15, 2012 5:52 am

We would love the opportunity to end all the bad press and misconceptions of JJ DIVERS that are being spread.

Marketers say "bad press, is still press!" however in this case it's upsetting to hear so many folks have such a bad taste for our company based on what was said by
our direct competition.

So I have an offer for all of you reading this, If you are planning a diving trip to the island and would like to help us put all this nonsense to rest, we will help you.

By offering the first 20 divers a 100% free dive with us.

To put all this to rest once and for all. basically we are offering over $2,000 in free dives. We will take you out on our boat and show you the best of Cayman diving!

You really have nothing to lose. After the first 20 I will offer the next 50 divers a "don't pay" Guarantee. Come out with us for an awesome day of diving, if it's not exactly what all the rave reviews are about you dont pay. It's as easy as that.

To book just head to the web site and book your trip. Make sure you mention this blog post and we will take care of the rest. :D

We take pride in our company and would never "cut corners" and post reviews. I assure you they are all legit from real people that went on real dives.
We do have photos all over the place from our blog and facebook page to trip advisor from more than one of our guest so we are a bit confused. I will admit we dont have nearly as many photos as the company's that have been on the island for years and years.

We are doing our best for the short time we have been open, with any luck after the 20 free dive trips are completed everyone will have photos to share.

Looking forward to hearing from you and having the chance to show you the best day out on the water possible.
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A real person

Postby jhal » Wed Aug 15, 2012 7:16 pm

Hey crew,

This is obviously a pretty insular community, so I feel a bit awkward butting in here (especially since I'm sure everyone will be quick to note the newness of *my* profile), but I just wanted to verify that JJ Divers are both real & worthy of the stellar reviews.

My boyfriend & I just spent the last week diving with Jacob every day, & he not only took us on amazing dives (saw my first nurse shark!!), but he took care of us: we went out for drinks &/or dinner most days; we were invited over to his house for a BBQ; we met his (gorgeous) wife; he even went so far as to drive us to/from the car rental place (& drove us *all over* for the first couple days, before we got a rental car). This will sound hyperbolic, but I just had the single best week of my life, & my guy & I know there's no way we could have had a comparable week without Jacob's total flexibility.

I got my certification with Jacob, which certification might not have happened at all had he not talked me through the intense panic I felt the first time I tried to breathe through a respirator. I also have a *lot* of trouble equalizing, & it was very reassuring having someone who was always patient & never rushed me past my comfort level.

We were staying at Sunset House, & while we loved it there -- wonderful bar/bartenders, friendly staff, delish food (especially the mushroom ravioli, christ) -- the diving operation was pretty industrial, & I wouldn't have felt comfortable doing my first dives in that sort of environment.

This is the kind of service that legitimately warrants the raving, & also tends to prompt spontaneous -- & perhaps singular -- reviews regarding the experience. I'm not sure how to convince anyone that I'm real (not really comfortable sharing full name or personal details), but if you have any questions & would like to speak with me, shoot me a message & we'll talk. I can even send you a picture of Jacob & I having a drink at the bar on my last day. :)
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JJ Divers - WORST New Cayman Dive Company 2012

Postby K2o1D » Sat Sep 29, 2012 12:52 pm

I'm pretty sure this place is out of business. I got the run around with them trying to get a dive trip via email, then called their number over 10 times and never got an answer. Their website says Puerto Rico now too so maybe that's the next place they'll try.

Learning how NOT to launch a dive (or any other company) operation...

1. Start promoting yourself as the best dive company months before you are even doing business.

2. Post fake reviews before even doing any business.

3. Try to defend your fake reviews with more fake reviews.

4. Plagiarize other people's websites right in the same little country (Cayman Islands are about the size of a small city, population about 50,000).

5. Promise free dives and other things and then not deliver.

Well, that's the top 5 anyway, as I see it.

Maybe they'll learn from the experience and do better in Puerto Rico.
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JJ Divers WORST...

Postby drakeson » Sat Sep 29, 2012 7:24 pm

I wasn't going to bother posting because I thought they were out of business too.

Starting the way they did they never had a chance.

Who's going to trust their diving to a place that lies, cheats, basically steals, forges websites to start a business???

But I did contact them about the FREE dive they posted, per their post above with NO stipulations about having to pay for FIVE to get ONE free.

I got 5 different versions of the same bullshit from 5 different people (all of whom I would wager to be the same person), fabricating one lie after another trying to get us to pay.

I agree though, the way they started out they were bound to crash and burn.

Fortunately they did before anyone got hurt, or worse.
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Re: JJ Divers WORST...

Postby K2o1D » Sat Sep 29, 2012 7:31 pm

Did they even have a boat?

The only photos I saw on their website were taken from other websites. No boats, no underwater photos, no crew, staff... NOTHING to give even the slightest hint that they were ever in operation in the first place.

My guess is it was some kind of test marketing.

No one could be that stupid.
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Re: JJ Divers WORST...

Postby drakeson » Sat Sep 29, 2012 8:54 pm

A boat? They didn't even have their own website! :D

I just checked their website again and their phone is (702) 301-0179, Las Vegas.

Maybe they're going to start a dive company there. It's far enough away from any oceans at least no one would get hurt. :lol:

Obviously they were either thrown out of the islands or laughed out, one or the other.
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