GREAT diving in Grand Cayman

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GREAT diving in Grand Cayman

Postby drakeson » Sat Aug 11, 2012 10:43 am

I found this website to be really helpful in picking Grand Cayman for our dive trip. Most of the other websites seem to have some agendas, or reasons for giving raving reviews to even the worst dive companies, like Red Sail, who most experienced divers know is a cattle boat.

This website was particularly helpful in choosing what part of Grand Cayman to stay and who to dive with. We are already planning our next trip, probably to Little Cayman, but not for another 8 months or so.

We ended doing our boat dives with Living the Dream Divers. They were extremely customer friendly, and showed us some of the best dives we've ever done.

The shore diving was excellent too. We tried the north wall dive with divetech but it was too far for us to reach the main wall. The diving in that area was pretty good even without going all the way to the wall, with lots of sea fans and we even found a couple turtles!
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We did 2 dives at Sunset House, where the shore diving was really easy and lots to see.
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The reviews here were particularly helpful, and much more believable than most other websites like Trip Advisor and others, that censor, edit and obviously taint things to suit their agendas. The reviews here seemed far more believable and uncensored so that played a big role in our decisions, and sure enough all the information was spot on!

Thank you for all the helpful information. :)
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