Cayman Diving Rocks with FACTS

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Cayman Diving Rocks with FACTS

Postby RC511 » Wed Oct 31, 2012 1:04 pm

I was the lucky one this year to book our annual dive trip. Read through Scuba Board, Trip Advisor, a few others, then found this site and WOW, nothing like telling it like it is! Reading with scrutiny, it is fairly apparent that most of the mega review sites are skewed, to put it mildly, by people with financial interests, or friends of the places they review.

I was torn between Bonaire and the Cayman Islands and the information at this website was a big factor in choosing the Cayman Islands. Mostly because of the very helpful tips in the main site, but also because it seems pretty obvious that the reviews here are not censored or edited.

One major discrepancy between some of the other sites and here, confirmed by my own experience, was that East End diving in Grand Cayman is comparable to Little Cayman.
We did 2 dives with Ocean Frontiers on Grand Cayman and 3 days of diving (10 dives total) in Little Cayman.
There is NO COMPARISON between diving East End on Grand Cayman and Bloody Bay on Little Cayman. Little Cayman's walls start at 10 feet, compared to 40-60 feet on Grand Cayman East End. There are way more fish, sea life, sharks, stingrays, eels, turtles, and just about every sea critter I've ever heard of in Little Cayman. Anyone saying the 2 are equal obviously have financial or personal motives.

Another is all the hype about the reefs at Divetech being the most pristine in all Grand Cayman, and their touting about the marine park runoffs having no detrimental effects on their reefs.
We did 1 1/2 shore dives with Divetech (1/2 because we were not able to swim over 100 yards in choppy sea and current to get to the wall).
The north wall shore diving fiasco aside, the reefs there were about the same as the Cracked Conch, about 100 yards away. BOTH SITES showed obvious effects of bleaching and general degradation from the tons of effluent waste being pumped directly onto the reefs from the marine parks.
The best overall shore diving we found on Grand Cayman was at Sunset House. The reefs at Eden Rock were in worse condition than Divetech. We tried Babylon but didn't make it all the way out to the wall there either.

We will be returning to the Cayman Islands again, probably next year and spend the whole week diving in Grand Cayman. The biggest downside to diving Little Cayman is getting there and back. Between the layovers and 24 hour wait between flying, we spent 5 days of vacation for 3 days of diving in Little Cayman.

My thanks on behalf of myself and our group to the owners of this website, for their no nonsense information and uncensored reviews. I will recommend it to all of our friends.
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RE: Cayman Diving Rocks with FACTS

Postby divediva » Fri Nov 02, 2012 10:43 am

Echo that! This site has been a big help for us too, we also choose the Cayman Islands. So many other sites restrict free speech and sugar coat everything, I find the material here far more realistic.
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RE: Cayman Diving Rocks with FACTS

Postby gregca » Mon Nov 05, 2012 11:29 pm

I'll just echo the echo :D

I know for an absolute fact that many of the rave reviews for dive companies on Trip Advisor and Scuba Board, plus a lot of others, are written by the same people that own the companies, their friends, family, all that, like that JJ Diver guy that got busted here. Scuba Board edits ALL of their posts because they are being sued for millions of dollars, for running a moderated board. I think that's the big difference here. The board is not moderated to they don't have the liability issues, and apparently no financial incentive to skew the reviews or ratings.

We were looking at other islands too and picked Grand Cayman for our first visit. This website and the reviews were a big help picking the Caymans and then our dive operators.
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RE: Cayman Diving Rocks with FACTS

Postby SpeedDiver » Wed Nov 21, 2012 4:09 am

You can add me to this list! I'm planning our next dive trip and the REALISTIC BELIEVABLE material at the website, then allowing FREE SPEECH here in your forums, was a HUGH factor in picking the Cayman Islands for our trip. Almost EVERY website and posting board I found are OBVIOUSLY being driven by some sort of financial incentives, TRIP ADVISER being at the TOP of the list, where I'd say over half of the reviews are bogus.

I only wish there were more sites like these for all the islands, I almost missed this one because I was looking to go to one of the Bay Islands, found this site long the way and here I am.

Now I'ts just a matter of picking a Grand Cayman dive operation, and I'll definitely be using your information for that.

Thanks for keeping it real!
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Free Speech is a Good Thing

Postby realdiver » Fri Nov 23, 2012 1:51 pm

One of the reasons ScubaBoard stopped allowing free speech is because they got sued for millions by some lame dive operation. Their forums are moderated, so now any moderated forums that allow free speech can be sued for slander, multi million dollar lawsuits.

It's a known fact that TripAdvisor chooses their reviews, and reject almost all bad reviews. This I know from personal experience. I wrote 5 reviews for various Cayman Islands attractions, 2 great, 2 fair, 1 very poor. So they publish the great and fair ones and not the poor review. That made me so mad I told them to either post ALL of my reviews or NONE of them. After waiting over a week, still no reply. Either TripAdvisor is worried about getting sued or some other motive, whatever it is, they do not allow free speech, they allow the reviews they like and reject most of the bad ones.

The information at this website is pretty accurate, compared with my brief experience diving in the Cayman Islands. The forums here are obviously UNmoderated, probably to avoid getting sued. Whatever the reason, I trust the information and reviews here more than any other Cayman Islands diving website I've come across.

Some friends of mine are going diving either in the Cayman Islands or Bonaire, and I'll recommend using this website to plan their trip.
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RE: Cayman Diving Rocks with FACTS

Postby vahtwoo » Thu Nov 29, 2012 4:27 am

I always knew many of the reviews at the other sites were fake. Where in the world of diving are the reviews for the really bad places, not just in the Cayman Islands?

The rule of thumb I've been using to decide which reviews to trust is simple. Are there very negative reviews included or just the raves? If they're all raving like TripAdvisor and ScubaBoard I just ignore them.

The information at this website, including allowing poor reviews, was a key factor in choosing Grand Cayman for our diving instead of Turks&Caicos, and also in deciding which dive operators to use in Grand Cayman, where to shore dive, where NOT to shore dive... :D
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RE: Cayman Diving Rocks with FACTS

Postby katekurtis » Fri Nov 30, 2012 7:25 am

Image I just got back from one of the best dive trips I've taken ever, to Grand Cayman.

The visibility, walls, reefs, sea life, selection of dive companies, and so many different boat and shore diving options in Grand Cayman are second to none.

I used this website to plan our trip and we dived with Ocean Frontiers, Living the Dream, and Turtle Divers. They were all excellent, in different ways, and all highly recommended, with Ocean Frontiers for more advanced divers.

I want to thank the website admin, and people who posted reviews. The very candid and more believable nature of the reviews at this website played a large role in selecting Grand Cayman for our dive destination, and the dive companies mentioned for our diving. From everything we did first hand, the information and reviews at this website are very accurate. Thanks for all the great info, returning next year!
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Postby stansc » Thu Dec 20, 2012 4:18 am

I too wish to express my appreciation for the owners of this website. It was a lot of help in arranging our dives in the Cayman Islands.
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Test, just a test

Postby wayneeocoe » Wed Jan 09, 2013 8:52 pm

Hi, I am new here. Thanks for sharing the information.
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RE: Cayman Diving Rocks with FACTS

Postby TexDive » Fri Jan 11, 2013 11:24 pm

Just a quick note to say thanks for the info. Had a great time diving in Grand Cayman over the holidays and the info and reviews here are really accurate. Tried to dive the east once, way too rough. Did 4 dives with Eden Rock -- all excellent! 2 shore dives with Turtle Divers, both excellent. WILL return next year!
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